List of Alumni (PhD)

  1. Raka Mukherjee Mondal, “Preparation, Characterization and applications of mixed matrix membranes”, submitted, 2017, currently in post doctoral position in Oxford University.
  2. Anirban Roy, “Development of ultra low cost hemodialysis fibers”, submitted 2016, currently working as senior executive at Tech Mahindra, Hyderabad.
  3. Sourav Mondal, “Transport Phenomena and mathematical modeling in Membrane Separation”, submitted, 2015, currently in post doctoral position in Oxford University.
  4. Swapna Rekha Panda, “Casting, characterization and applications of blended polymeric membranes”, submitted, 2015, currently placed as a faculty of NIT Hamirpur.
  5. B. K. Sahoo, “Role of microwave pre-treatment for coal and mineral beneficiation and rhelogical characterization”, 2014, currently in SAIL R&D, Ranchi.
  6. Chhaya, ”Processing of Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) Extract using Membrane Separation Technology”, 2012, currently placed at IINRG, Ranchi.
  7. J. Prakash, “Hydrodynamics and intraparticle nutrient transport inside porous pellets”, 2010, currently working as assistant professor in school of natural sciences at Mahindra Ecole Centrale, Hyderabad.
  8. A. Maiti, “Removal of arsenic from water using raw and treated laterite as adsorbent”, 2010, currently working as a faculty at IIT Roorkee.
  9. D. Goswami, “Surfactant enhanced lipase catalyzed oil hydrolysis”, 2010, working as assisstant professor at Heritage institute of Technology, Kolkata.
  10. C. Prabhavathy, “Membrane based treatment of tannery effluent and flux enhancement techniques”, 2010, working as women Scientist, CSIR-CMERI.
  11. P. Banerjee, “Treatment of textile effluent using advanced oxidation process and nanofiltration”, 2010, currently associated with ISCON.
  12. B. Sarkar, “Electric field enhanced ultrafiltraion”, 2008, working as associate professor, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.
  13. C.Das, “Treatment of tannery effluent and removal of pollutants using micellar enhanced ultrafiltration”, 2008, working as associate professor, IIT Guwahati.
  14. P. Rai, “Clarification of mosambi (citrus sinensis (L.) osbeck) juice using membrane technology”, 2007, working as Post Harvest Engineer at the Department of Agricultural Engineering, Birsa Agricultural University, Jharkhand, India.
  15. M. K. Purkait, “Surfactant Mediated Separation Processes”, 2005, working as professor, IIT Guwahati.