Technology Transfers

  1. “Chitosan coated iron-oxide- polyacrylonitrile mixed matrix membrane for removal of humic acid”, filed for Indian Patent (1058/KOL/2014)
  2. “Hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane involving ZnCl2 incorporated Polysulfone (PSF)/Polyethyleneglycol”, filed for Indian Patent (742/KOL/2014).
  3. “Ultrafiltration membrane for cold sterilization of bottle gourd juice (Lagenaria Siceraria) for extended shelf life”, filed for Indian Patent (724/KOL/2014).
  4. “A flat sheet mixed-matrix membrane (MMM) involving cellulose acetate phthalate (CAP) and powdered activated carbon (PAC) to treat industrial effluent and the process of its manufacture”, filed for Indian Patent (783/KOL/2014).
  5. “A polyacrylonitrile (PAN) based hollow fibre membrane for clarification of tender coconut water with desired storage stability”, filed for Indian Patent (768/KOL/2014).
  6. “Low cost spinning and fabrication of high efficiency (he) haemodialysis fibers & method thereof”, filed for Indian Patent (754/KOL/2014) and US patent ( Application No. 14/598,697 dated January 16, 2015 and publishing no.US2016/0008528 dated Jan 14, 2016).
  7. “Design of a laterite based arsenic filter for domestic and community scale”, filed for Indian Patent (597/KOL/2013).
  8. “A Novel Set up for Spinning Polymeric Hollow Fiber Membrane”, filed for Indian patent (582/KOL/2011).
  9. “Development of high capacity and cost effective arsenic adsorbent using modified laterite”, filed for Indian patent (614/KOL/2009).
  10. “Production of organic fertilizer from tannery effluent” Indian patent, approval no: 269013 (2015).
  11. “Membrane based water-extraction of polyphenols from green tea leaves”, filed for Indian patent (1046/KOL/2007).
  12. “Electric field assisted membrane separation of pectin”, Indian patent, approval no: 274256, 2016.
  13. “Process for recovery of inorganic chemicals from kraft black liquor”. Indian Patent approval number: 189310 (2005).